Baglietto Ship Yard; new 30 knot, 144 foot Aluminum Monokini mega yacht w/ fold down balconies, Monaco boat show

Using all of her 7,200 horsepower, Monokini  is a fast mega-yacht with her top is 34.5 MPH. This 44-meter yacht uses an aluminum hull and deckhouse with all of her naval architecture and engineering done in-house by Baglietto. The yacht’s styling was done by designer Alberto Mancini.

2013 Baglietto 144' mega yacht

Monokini, the Baglietto mega yacht is stll in her slings in this factory photo

Baglietto was founded in 1854 in Varazze, Italy near Genoa. The first two memorable boats were the 1906 boat for Pope Leo XIII at 74’ in length (Giuseppina), and the 44’ motorboat for Giacomo Pucini, the composer of Madame Butterfly, in 1911 (Cio—Cio-San). The yard also built airships, seaplanes and naval vessels. One of their planes/pilots held the world’s altitude record at one time.

Both powerboats and sailboats from the yard did well in competition also. The powerboat competition hull shape was developed into an effective anti-submarine naval craft. A Baglietto MAS (Motoscafo Armato Silurante or Italian for: “Torpedo Armed Motorboat”) was the desired craft for several governments and other shipyards were asked to build to the MAS Baglietto plans and specs when the need for more boats exceeded the yard’s capacity.


wooden yacht from Baglietto yacht yard med italy

Wood Baglietto Yacht


By the 1950s, Baglietto directed itself to wood pleasure boat yacht building. First they built planked wooden yachts and then they switched to marine plywood constructed wood yachts, much the same path as fellow Italian boat builder Riva followed. Their production series of yachts were introduced at this time. Four sizes were offered. The smallest was the 37’, followed by the 45’, 65’ and finally the 72’. These boats were sold world-wide and seabuddy understands that one size had a multi-year run of something like 43 units. By 1975 aluminum yacht construction  replaced wood boat building at Balietto.

production Baglietto boat yard yachts

Factory photo from the late 1950s- early 1960s of their wood yachts

Monokini is the name of the newest Baglietto mega yacht. But, she is not the largest at 144’. That title goes to a mega yacht that measured 190’. Monokini will be at the Monaco boat show, although she is a SOLD boat.

wood baglietto motor yacht cabin cruiser photo image

One of several production Baglietto motor yachts

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