Allison boats GRAND SPORT w/ 150 Hp Mercury Marine outboard

grand sport allison boat photo image outboard powered

The Allison Grand Sport boat with an older Mercury Marine engine

Allison boats may have the fastest sport boat (speeds to 80 MPH) made for this game changer Mercury marine four stroke outboard. This engine is right on or over the edge of what the boat can run according to Allison Boats. It is a hand crafted composite boat that uses metal, fiberglass, PVC coring, Kevlar, and AME resin to get a 5 seat deluxe sport boat that weights under 980 LBS. without an outboard motor or accessories like a battery, fuel, or boat gear.

It is a race boat derived hull design from race winning Allison boats coupled with a pleasure boat deck and cockpit that gives ultra high performance to this sport boat. She is 20’ 3” in length over all, with a centerline length of 19’. The beam is 87”. It is a true high performance sport boat.

The most recent 150 Horsepower four stroke outboard from Mercury Marine is said to be a tough, small, light (for a four stroke) engine that beats its competition. It is a high displacement outboard. It has the displacement that is similar to other outboards that develop over 250 Hp. That gives high torque and that gives a fast out of the hole shot times or fast 0 to 30 mph acceleration numbers (it also has a torque curve that is in the same class as a two stroke). That is saying something for this new four stroke. Many of the engine and drive parts are oversize. That gives it more durability than other outboards. It comes with a full warranty, including a no rust aspect to the warranty.

Seabuddy thanks Allison boats and Mercury marine for the boat and outboard motor photo images.

2012 Mercury Marine outboard four stroke engine photo image

2012 Mercury Marine four stroke outboard

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