Advantage boats, todays leader in performance boats

fiberglass go fast boat photo 29 x flight advantage boats

29 X Flight Advantage fiberglass sport boat photo at Lake Havasu

The team at Advantage boats has hit one out of the ball park with its 2012 X Flight 29 foot stern drive go fast river runner boat. Simply put, it’s a sales success do to its performance on the water.

Here is one performance boat that Mom puts her thumb up as the boat to buy for the family after she takes a ride and compares it to similar go fast boats The 29 X Flight model inboard outboard model boat turns far better than the others, gives a good, soft ride, and still delivers a solid 73-74 MPH in test after test as you trim the drive to air it out.

What is the secret? Boat designer Gary Ferguson created a blend of a racing boat catamaran air entrapment hull entry with a multi-step vee bottom hull aft for a truly different sport boat. Here is a performance hull with a soft ride, an ability to take rougher water, make turns with great control, and a hull shape that uses all the performance boat tricks to get higher top speeds.

This boat can take more horsepower if you want an even higher top speed. Both 600 SCI Bravo 1 XR Merc Racing Horsepower and 800 horsepower engines from the racing division of Mercury Marine Mercruiser are routinely a part of the discussion when Advantage boats gets down to how should they build a boat for you. All Advantage boats are made custom for each customer. That is the way they do things.

29’ 7” is the hull length and the beam is 107” and most boats run a completed weight of 4,400 lbs. As many as 14 people can enjoy a 29’ X Flight at one time.

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Here is a quote from the company… “We’re dedicated to being the industry leader in performance sport boats, creating innovative and technologically advanced new models”

Nuff said for seabuddy.

Photos from Advantage boats.

X Flight sport boat from Advantage boats 2012 photo

2012 Advantage boats 29 X Flight 600 horsepower Merc Racing power

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