Advantage Boats 34 X Flight

Advantage Boats are doing OK through the current hard times for the boating industry as witness that Advantage Boats gave up prime boat show booth space to the Women’s Cancer issue.
Why are they making it? Simple. They invent, build, and sell boat designs that set a standard for the boating industry.
Gary Ferguson, the in-house designer of Advantage Boats, has very original designs for pleasure boaters that tie their love of boating with a sense of speed on the water. Ferguson started racing boats in the 1950s, honed his skills to set many records in the 1960-1970 time window. He raced in water drag racing and long distance endro racing.

Gary then moved on to boat design. He went to work for Art Carlson, the famous designer for Glastron boats and some James Bond movie boats. Ferguson then went into designing work at Advantage boats in 1989. His experience working with boat designs matches up against anyone in the boat building industry.
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Setting still in the water, the X-Flight 34 may appear to have a type of air-entrapment hull design, it does not.  The pickle-fork bow blends into an advanced stepped-vee bottom aft designed to more efficiently utilize today’s stern drive packages and latest propeller technologies.  The forward portion of the hull is aerodynamically configured to create lift.  That lift makes the hull react and perform like it weighs less thus improving efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and delivering higher top speed.  Yet, because it is still a vee-bottom, the boat rides soft, turns well and handles rough water like a vee hull does.The goal with the X-Flight 34 was to attain a new level of performance while offering a more passenger-friendly experience to enhance family boating.
Debbie Christensen owns and runs the Advantage Boats family company since the death of her Husband, Harry.
Harry was killed by a man trying to steal an airplane that Harry had for sale. His body was found months later with two gunshots in it. They did catch the guy and the man was given a life sentence for his murder of Harry Christensen.
Bob is their leader in the marketing of Advantage Boats. Seabuddy has known Bob Spulveda (Advantage Boats Key Man) for around 32 years now.

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