$975,000 wood runabout boat sold

mecum auction Riva Aquarama wood boat cruising boat photo

this Classic wood Riva Aquarama runabout boat sold for $975,000

This was the price paid at auction for a very original boat. She was a single cockpit Riva Aquarama first sold on December 23, 1998 as a new boat. This boat number 774 was presented as the last Riva wood Aquarama Special as sold by Cantieri Riva as they made their final step in boat building into fiberglass boats from wood hulls.

It is said to be a low engine hour (less than 20 total engine in operation hours) boat. This classic is a twin engine boat that had a speed “approaching 55 mph or 90 kmh” according to the sales information. She is powered by her original big block 454 Chevy engines made to Riva specs by Crusader engines in the USA.

She still had her original varnish as done by the Riva factory. Her chrome bright work was original. The original owners and sellers of this boat at this $975,000 sale price, the founding family of Sony Electronics, said it came with full documentation paperwork to support the boat’s history. A very special one owner boat. You can see from the Mecum Auction supplied photos that the boat was properly stored, serviced, and maintained over her lifetime.

Roberto Franzoni authored a great boat about Riva; the family, the shipyard, and the boats as well as the yachts. His book called Riva was published in Italy in 1986 and is an out-of-print collector type book. ISBN 88-85058-48-5. Naturally copies are hard to come by now in 2012. They do not come around often, so any pricing is not related to the original price. Just like this number 774 Riva Aquarama. If you want one of these books, get it when one comes up for sale on sites like Amazon.com as a copy of a hard back book.

boat photo of Riva Aquarama wooden boat cockpit

Mecum Auction supplied these photos of the wood Riva Aquarama boat

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