640 Hp Monterey bow rider with a bed / huge head / inboard outboard

Monterey has a 318 SSX bow rider that has an LOA of 31’ 10” that can come with twin Volvo stern drives and Volvo’s JOYSTICK control for an easy, 10 minute, learning curve to master all boat control. You control your boat via the drives, four props, and two throttles from one simple joystick to overwhelm wind, drift, waves, current all at once with the Volvo – Penta computer on board. Point the joystick in the direction you want your Monterey bow rider to move and how fast and Volvo’s joystick puts the boat there for you. Hey, you’re the captain of the ship in all conditions in 10 minutes.

This 9’ 6” boat features a huge head to starboard and a enclosed in a cabin bed to port, plus a very large bow rider cockpit. Talk about having your cake and eating it too! She is a day boat with a over night sleeping and bathing cabins. That is how Monterey uses the full 31’ 10” to give you more boating for your dollar.

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