3rd report… Sunnyland ACBS classic boat show, Mount Dora, Lake Dora, Tavares, Florida

Here is a great classic wooden Streblow. She is a bright finished, planked mahogany runabout with about the most plush seating ever seen in a wood boat. A Streblow is timeless. From about 1968, the basic design and look of their boats seem to have stayed about the same.

money shot classic wooden boat streblow planked

Classic Wood Boat Ready for big water Lakes


Larry Streblow started building boats in 1954. He was from a farm family, but he did not like farming for his career and life’s work. So he taught himself the business of building boats and the art of making a living at it. These boats are considered Geneva Lake Jewels.

name plate on hull side

special name plate

They make 20’, 23’, 26’, and 28’ foot boats, single or twin engine. All Streblow boats are big water lake boats. Large, rough, windy waters are for them. Figure on high sides and bid windshields on a Streblow.

Randy Streblow, Larry’s son, joined the business later. And his daughter, Kris, joined it even later. Steve Horton also joined and now leads much of the company’s production.

The average boat is said to take 4,000 hours to hand make and there is a year or two wait for one. They are easy boats to spot. Just look for a tall sided boat with an equally tall windshield. This one was on it’s trailer at the Tavares, FL Sunnyland classic boat show on Lake Dora. The hard part is to say what model year is trhat boat that you are looking at. These boats seem to stand still in styling from 1968 on.

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