30’ fishing boat coming for 2013?

Levi boat photo image coming for 2013 model year

Coming for boat model year 2013 is a Levi Corsair as an Fishing boat, Open Limousine, Yacht Tender. This is is a new use (via a new cockpit and deck) on a hull shape that was reintroduced to small run production boat building early in this century. That hull shape was based on an late 1960s – early 1970s design from noted boat designer Renato ‘Sonny’ Levi, using the Sonny Levi  race-bred deep-V hull.

Get the story here? This is a boat proposal set for 2013 production based on a modestly updated boat hull shape that was raced about 40 years ago.

It IS a great performance boat hull design for open water and rough, choppy water while running at a fast pace. She has proved to be quick to respond to driver steering wheel inputs, slices rougher water bumps, and when she does get hit with the big stuff; has a very sharp bow that takes to the sea like a few boats can.

While one could buy one of these hulls as a raceboat or fast family commuter in the late 1960s to 1970s, only a few boats (maybe 25 boats) made it into retail customer’s hands. Those boats were made by Viking Marine.

Fairly recently, Renato Levi’s son, Martin started anew with an almost clone of his dad’s original design for a fast off-shore cabin cruiser. He formed a new boat building company for this. It is located in Italy. Again, it is set up as a small run production boat company. Martin uses modern fiberglass composite boat construction with vinyl ester resin and some unidirectional fiber cloth for these cruisers. These are the Levi Corsairs.

For the 2013 Fish boat, figure on a $250,000 Italian boat that weights just shy of seven tons and is 29” 9’ long with a 9’ beam that goes 50 mph wide open in rough seas.

cutaway drwaing showing cabin / cockpit details

cockpit drawing Levi fiberglass boat

another view of Levi boat fiberglass tender

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