2700 Bow Rider Boat w/ Volvo inboard outboard

Why does this Regal run faster with 50 less Hp than other 24 degree deep, deep vees?

Their work on fine tuning this hull. She has a very deep vee for a soft ride and wave splitting. That usually means that a bow rider takes MORE Hp to run at the same speed as a similar size boat with less of a deep vee.

So how does Regal do it? They took a race boat idea that has been around for 100 years, but banned from sanctioned races for much of that time, as it proved to be the way to make a boat faster at WOT and even lessen how much fuel a racer used.

After being a family owned and operated boat builder since 1969 (they still are today), they tamed the racer secret for family boating with a twist towards extra speed and lower fuel burn in 1996. Now they brought that thinking to the 2700 bow rider, here. Why do some other types of GoFast boats use this trick and not all the fellas? It can be a handful to control for some drivers if its not done correctly which comes from lots of expensive testing, tweaking, and re-testing. This money needs to be spendt before any bow rider boats of a given model are sold. That makes for a very high cost development program.

Is it all about top speed numbers? No. This boat cruises from around 25 mph and all the way up 45 – 50 mph with outstanding fuel economy. To achieve this in a family boat is outstanding!

What is the biggest thing to you can see that exhibits the special hull that Regal now offers in their 2700 bow rider? Look for that break or STEP all the way across the hull bottom about in the middle of the hull. Yep, its easy to spot for yourself. What you can not easily see is the fine tuning of how deep, broad and vented that step is and how the running surface has been tweaked before and after that full-width step that got it to work safely and give the performance improvement.

Get the 375 Hp engine and a Volvo DP (Duo Prop) inboard outboard drive for this kind of performance, which is an upgrade from the base 300 Hp. That is about a $9, 000 cost before discounts, but it makes the boat sing for family use and gives Dad a push in his back when he pushes the throttle down.

What else? The VacuFlush system. It’s the only way to go for seabuddy.

Only two options? Yup, Regal throws in everything else and more as standard with every bow rider 2700 boat  BTW, she measures 28′ 6″ LOA.

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