$24, 000 and a little more

One of the hot deals late this winter will be the Nautic Star Deck Boat at a special price. A 40 mph, 20 foot, warm weather, deck boat with a four Stoke Outboard is a nice rig at a great price for a fresh, new, 2010 boat.

Yes, add snap-in cockpit carpet, some electronics, and a trailer and the “out-the-door” price will be higher…but still a bargain.

Yes, one can upgrade to a 150 Hp if you plan on always carrying a full load and doing a lot of water sports. Yes, you can upgrade the steering system for a more secure feeling, but you can miss the point by adding to many options. Get into family boating without breaking the budget.

Why does seabuddy say “warm weather”? You will see for yourself once you and Mom take a sea-trial ride.

40 mph? Yup, with a light load. Less than that once the ice chest, boat gear, and towels come aboard.

The 20 feet LOA is needed for the room that a young family needs for a full morning on the water.

Nautic Star uses a 3 Star rated engine with this boat and motor rig. A three Star engine is far better than a 2 star rated engine in today’s world. Ask your dealer how this benefits you.

Take a look on their website hot link listed below…


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