230 Sun Deck Sea Ray w/ Mercury Marine inboard outboard stern drive I / O

Go back a few years and Sea Ray could not keep up with the demand for Sea Ray Sun Deck bow rider boats. Then it happened, they updated their model line-up and lost the leadership in the deck boat business. Now, this boat, the 230 Sun Deck by Sea Ray, is charged to get that business back to Sea Ray.

What does she offer that the others did or did not? Let seabuddy cover that.

More words and photos are on the second page of this write-up.

Now, this 230 is a tight boat fitting boat. A tight head, tight cockpit, etc. everything is here, but its tight when the family gets onboard with their “stuff”. A tight main cockpit. It is OK on the showroom floor but tight on the water with everyone onboard. You know, food, soft drinks, towels, purses, jackets – that kind of stuff.

The 230 Sea Ray Sun deck has a tight head, but its there. It is also plain, but its there. Try it to see how it fits and feels to the biggest person that is expected to use it. That may be Mom in your family boating gang as Dad often does not use the boat’s head. By all means, make sure your boat has the dockside pump out head option and the two color optional gelcoat.

An anchor locker, longer bow seats, enclosed head, a cockpit table to lay out food for all upon, a number of places to sit, and a big swim platform in an inch over 24’ of family boat, is a lot. But, its all there. If its too tight for your family, there is the 260 sitting right next to it most of the times, so all of you, climb out of the 230 and into the 260 and see what the same items feel like in the boat that was designed to replace the old 240. Your Wife will be amazed.

Seabuddy has included a Sea Ray photo that clearly shows the best feature of the new 230 sun deck Sea Ray over the main objection seabuddy had with the old 240. It’s the  seat back height of the bow seating that makes those kids riding in the bow rider cockpit, feel like they are sitting deep down in the boat, rather than seating so high that they AND Mom felt that they could easily fall out of the boat when the Sun Deck bounces over a wake. The 230 is very safe feeling bow rider cockpit, as is the 260 bow rider cockpit is and the old 240 was not.

This 230 Sun Deck Sea Ray comes with three different size engine torques. Why torque? Because, this is not a top speed hull. Sea Ray changed the hull, so it rides more level by making more the hull length stick into the water underway. All three engines give WOT speeds in the mid – 40 mph range. Do not buy a bigger engine for more speed. Its not there in this hull. Buy a bigger engine to get going (the differences between the 5.0, 5.7, and 377 engines shows up in this hull is by in getting a light, medium, and fully loaded boat going and up on plane)  Base your engine choice about like this; two – three people and half full gas tank and little stuff in people gear and  boat supplies like an anchor, extra dock lines, back-up cans of engine and / or drive oil, etc – go with a 5.0,… medium load; four – five folks and more stuff; …and the 377 size displacement engine is for seven family members on board, a full gas tank, with jackets, towels, food, etc for everyone. Remember, this is a 4,850 lb boat dry, and you can safely add up to 1,800 lbs in gas, batteries, boat gear, and combined weight of your crew. The 6,500 lb type loaded boat can use the torque of the 377, in seabuddy’s opinon.


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