23’ outboard powered Center Console

The Albury Boat 23 is a different experience. Fairly flat or shallow vee-bottom aft for a open ocean going center console fish boat, they give a better ride than most in the 20-25 mph speed range. This is the goal of this boat. That ride at that speed.

Expect about a $75,000 price for a nice B-M-T at the Palm Beach Boat Show 3/25 – 3/28. Details are here…


A 23’ by 8’ 3” beam open boat coupled with a keel on that quick to plane shallow vee at the transom hull design on an outboard powered boat make for an boating experience you should try for yourself.

On the ocean, she does not tend to squat and runs real good in the previously mentioned 20 – 25 mph speed range. She is does not run efficiently at fast speeds, which is the trade-off for the better 20 – 25 mph performance.


Albury Boats builds this center console as a three piece boat. The hull with the hull stringers are part1, the cockpit liner and sole are piece 2, and the deck cap is the third piece.

You get a roomier inside space in your boat that way. Build it extra strong and the lack of the deck adding much stiffness does not matter. So, the engine has to push a heavy boat at all times and also put up with the drag of that keel.

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