23’ and 22’ Chris Craft Continental wood boats

For 1956 and for a few years afterwards Chris Craft took their 21’ 11” by 7’ 11” classic wood hull 22’ Continental model and almost all of its cockpit and deck layout and brought to market a 22’ 7” by 7’ 11” wood hull Continental 23’ model. Much of the hull dimensions like freeboard, gas tank size, etc are the same.

The 23’ Continental did allow for a optional third row of seating behind the driver’s front row and the engine box. Or this space could be left open for more utility uses. Note that the blond finished deck planking areas were changed to update the boat and its look.

Shown here is a restored 1956 Chris-Craft Continental, an unrestored one, and one that is for sale. The restored vessel will be shown at the Smith Mountain Lake Antique and Classic Boat Show Sept. 19, 2010.  

She is a restored and refinished classic wood boat with multiple coats of varnish that gleams and has its original engine (but rebuilt) under the engine box. The Smith Mountain Lake Classic Boat Show has about 50 boats each year. Look up Mariner’s Landing, Huddleston, VA for the show’s location.  

Some photos by Kim Dillion others by http://www.classicboat.com/ and others from the web   

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