225 bow rider boat w/ Volvo inboard outboard

Here is a bow rider boat that gives more performance out of a Volvo engine and inboard outboard drive package than the buzz around the launch ramp suggests. If you want a fast, stable, family boat, seabuddy suggests that you take a look.

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Get a 5.0 Volvo engine and match it up to a Volvo SX inboard outboard drive and you will touch 50 mph with the gang onboard, in an otherwise boat free of gear and fuel weight. Why? Hull shape. Stingray’s 225 bow rider boat really gets the speeds up as you lighten the load. This hull shape frees up water drag and responses better than almost any other family boat builder’s models when you ride her light. 

Want 60 mph? Get the Volvo 320 Hp engine matched to a Volvo inboard outboard drive in your 225 LR and throw everyone and everything out of the boat, except Dad, and you are there at 60 mph.

How is the handling? Steady and easy to drive for most boaters. Get down to 30 mph, and try some sharp turns and a simile will appear on your face. Water sports like water skiing and Wake boarding come naturally to this bow rider boat. She is a steady ride also, free of porpoise, on my test ride.

A solid boat with a solid engine carefully designed, tested, and still built by its founder and his team is a joy to be in out on the water.

22’ 11” LOA and a 8’ 4” beam give plenty of room in the cockpit for the family and gear.  She comes with a 57 gallon gas tank, too. The hull shape seemed to make any amount of gas last even after we ran around Biscayne Bay doing figures eights and hi-speed runs that test what you should expect in your 225 LR Stingray bow rider boat and Volvo engine and inboard outboard drive.


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