2013 Luxury 44 sport yacht

Zeelander mini yacht with Volvo-Penta IPS running boat photo image

at cruising speed in the 2013 Zeelander 44 luxury sport yacht

A designed and made in Europe boat is now being made in Holland, MI after a multi-month long move of the boat tooling and parts from its prior European boat builder. This 2013 mini yacht is going to be shown by Bob Fritsky at some Marine Max locations. It would be best to contact him for more detailed information.

Set to sell for roughly 1.2 million with twin Volvo-Penta IPS 600 diesels for power, she is a stunner. The IPS 600 model name for the Volvo diesels relates to the speed they provide with the Volvo-Penta IPS system pod drive rather than a typical horsepower rating. Since the drive system is so efficient, a yachtsman uses less HP to save fuel while still getting the performance that she or he want in their boat. Volvo Penta does not hide the horsepower rating for these engines. They publish in their literature that these engines are 435 Horsepower each, or 870 combined in this boat model.

To get excellent performance, Franck Mulder, the naval architect for the Z 44 hull shape for Zeelander, chose a slightly narrow beam and Hi-Tec, light weight construction specification sheet to keep the boat light on the water. The balance of the design was done by Cor D. Rover.

S2 yachts (S2 = stands for Slikkers second company) is now the very capable boat builder for this yacht. S2 is better known as Tiara boats to most boaters and is still a privately held business within the founding Slikkers family. MarineMax is the retail sales dealer and Bob Fritsky is the contact person.

This boat is a four person sleeper in two berths mini-yacht originally conceived in 2005 and in production since the 2009 model year.

Check out boarding/accessibility from the float it is tied to and the garage storage for a dingy when you inspect this 2013 model year boat.

looking aft cockpit of 2013 Zeelander 44 luxury mini yacht boat photo

Cockpit of Zeelander 44 mini yacht 44 luxury boat sold at Marine Max

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