2012 Triple outboard Center Console 368 Statement

statement marine center console fish boat image door

She fools our eyes about how much headroom there is here

It is a boat that one can go fishing, go cruising, or go offshore in that defines what you want in your next boat? A 900 horsepower deep v that can troll for fish or blast across the waves and chop to reach offshore fishing grounds quickly? A new boat design that uses hi-tech boat construction to go fast, stay together, and do it in style?

Statement Marine has a new center console boat. It is powered with three 300 horsepower outboard engines to give you what you want in fish boat. SUV is a fairly new term in the boat business. It suggests a boat that does it all for a boat owner. This one is offered as a cuddy that sleeps two and still fishes from a massive cockpit. It is an offshore style hull married to a center console cockpit and a small cuddy cabin boat design.

This fiberglass boat is a 37’ 1” long center console with a “sleeper cabin” boat with a 10’ beam. That means that she is trailer able with an easy-to-get permit. She weighs about 5 tons with three engines. Get the 300 gallon tankage with the three engines. The boat has a twin step 24 degree hull that is balanced with this power at cruising and top speeds.

Special features to check out when you inspect this center console. The switches at the helm station, the SUV seating, the spacious head inside the center console that is accessed from the front side of it, and the unique “walking transom” around the engine mounting platform. One of the best features is the side mounted boarding and fish landing door in the hull side.

Seabuddy thanks Statement Marine for these photos.

statement marine fiberglass helm station boat photo image

look at the switches and the layout

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