2012 Bow rider Monterey boats

monterey boat bow rider boat photo image

Monterey boate bow rider running well fast, high on plane, and dry

Here is one of the most popular bow riders being offered today, the 224 FSX model by Monterey boats. She is a 22’9” LOA boat with her dock side float and water access swim platform included in the measurement. The beam is a full width 8’6” wide. Couple this great riding hull with a 300 horsepower stern drive and have fun on the water.

Many folks do not really take the time to understand that the most important part of a bow rider boat is the hull and the amount of time and testing that went into making it the best it can be for your use. One boat builder may advertise that they will float if you have an accident. That does not say anything about how their boat planes, is a spray-free, dry riding boat, or that it turns well. Oh! How about quick to plane times? You need to decide what is important to your family and then seabuddy suggests that you try out or test drive the top two boats for your needs.

How about room up in the bow cockpit? Then, do you have good grab handles, storage space(s), drink cup holders, good seat back comfort, speakers for your music for Mom and the kids to use? The bow seats are the kid’s seats in most boating families and they often will spend their time up there, in their own cockpit compartment, away from the their parents. Kids close the center opening part of the windshield and forget that anyone else is on board. Boating is freedom. Kids want it just like parents do. Monterey’s 224 FSX (FSX=Facet Series Extreme) offers it.

The boat builder gave you a big enough fuel tank for all day fun, as it’s a big 55 gallon tank. Check what the other boat offers. It a deep, safe bow rider boat that is designed to be able to carry 1,900 lbs. of people and gear according to C.G. regulations.

If you think that you want fun on the water, arrange to go on a test ride on this boat. Seabuddy thanks Monterey boats for the use of their photo in this article.

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