2011 Yamaha Water Jet Boats

2011 model year Yamaha Water Jet boats are now the current model year. Any 2010 are “left-overs” and should be priced as such at your dealer. Get your before they are gone. Good deals and good financing on a great boat are yours to be had.

Now, back to the 2011.

Bigger engines. More power. A you “must-try-out-by seating in it”  extra wide bow seating area over a knife-like vee hull bow at the waterline. Try the aft facing seats beyond the hull, over the swim area, too. It’s a 23’ 6” boat on a about 21’ boat hull at the keel and this is were that extra cantilever goes.

Accerlation? Jet boats are quick. It’s a not to worry item.

Top speed? Not to worry. She breaks 50 mph easily.

Noise Fine.

Shallow water…a) engines off…16” b) engines on (even in Neutral) 36’ plus…unless you want to buy a replacement 3-Blade, Stainless Steel impeller, housing, etc. which is big bucks

Why a water jet drive verses an inboard? One reason… the thrust is in line with the boat (no down angle of about 12 degrees and its cheaper.

Why a water jet drive verses a outboard? Its cheaper.

Why a water jet drive verses an stern drive? Its cheaper.

The boat shown is about a $50,000 – $55,000 boat.

Safer for swimmers with the engines off, but more dangerous with the engines on ( the water jets are like fire hoses thrusting water out from under the swim platform and can easily get inside a human body via any opening …need seabuddy say more?)

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