2011 Cigarette Racing 46 w/ two Mercury Racing 1350 Hp still testing

“These 1350 HP engines just purr like a big exotic cat,” said an enthused Skip Braver, Cigarette President and CEO, “The performance of the boat epitomizes the partnerships and synergy we have with Mercury Racing and AMG — we all have our hearts in building only the best!” 

The companies worked together closely for the past few months ensuring that the 46 and the 1350’s work perfectly together. “This boat has become the new 46 Rider model which with these engines, is the smoothest and fastest Cigarette ever, Braver noted, “Each of our boats is special and is built for a specific purpose and customer — this one was built to validate this new engine for the person who can appreciate and afford the newest Mercury Racing technology.”   

While there have been many “offers” on the new boat and orders pending for the next one, Cigarette is still guarding its use and care for testing and may even build additional AMG-Inspired boats. “We look forward to getting our first set of production engines and getting this boat out on the market,” says Braver, “The interest level has been high as are expectations–Cigarette will deliver.”

Cigarette Racing was founded in 1969 by Don Aronow, who won numerous World Championship titles, and raised the profile of his company by association with stars, presidents and kings who were customers and friends.

Cigarette is not just a powerboat, it is a lifestyle.

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