2011 Cigarette 38 Top Gun boat Don Aronow style

Cigarette Top Gun 2011 Racing Boat

Don Aronow started Magnum Marine around 1966 after he sold Donzi Marine on 188th Street in Miami, FL (Thunderboat Row), which he had brought to market after he sold Formula Marine in 1964. Cigarette came along as a business with a production boat in 1970.

Later, Don Aronow also started Cary Marine, Cigarette Racing Team, SquadronXII, and USA Racing Team. He also designed the first Apache powerboat. Finally he ran some experimental outboard powered racing boats, a Cat or two, an unconventional Unlimited Class Racer, and it goes on and on.

Back to Cigarette. Aronow built a 32 foot boat in late 1968 – early 1969, but a non-compete clause in his sales contract concerning his sale of Magnum Marine prevented him from saying it was his boat compnany. So, the first boat was built by a company run (or at least in name) by Don’s insurance agent, Elton Cary and Cary Marine. The individual boat, however, could be named without any conflict, and here Don showed his future plans as he called that first one “The Cigarette”.    

Get a copy of Michael Aronow’s book (ISBN 0-945903-22-7) to really follow Don Aronow’s life and boat racing / boat building career. Its now a rare book, but a copy surfaces once in a while.

Chris Brown / seabuddy got as far as taking a sea trial in a 27’ Magnum twin small block Mercruiser with Alpha Mercruiser sterndrives before he came to the conclusion that it just was not a fast enough boat for him (she did top speeds in the mid 50 mph range). 

This 38 Top Gun pictured Cigarette is the top speed and style leader in seabuddy’s/ chris brown’s book for 2011 boat models.

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