2010 235 Bow Rider Boat /w Mercury Mercruiser inboard outboard

OK. The big decision here is which Mercury Mercruiser inboard outboard drive to select, Bravo III or Alpha? For price, go with an Alpha. For a great running bow rider boat, go with the Bravo III.  Since Bayliner only packages one engine with each drive and it is here in the drive selection will make the most day in, day out, difference in using and enjoying this bow rider boat, pick the right drive for your boating.

Hands down, pick the Bravo III from Mercury Mercruiser, and save some money on selecting your options to help keep the price inline, if its in the budget.

Two more photos on the second page.

Specs say that its at least a 3,750 lb boat and motor, so the Bravo III is right at home in this 22’ 6” by 8’ 6” bow rider. She has a 50 gallon fuel tank to give excellent range for a 4 to 5 hour cruise. 6 hours if you go at a slow cruise, steady speed of 25 mph.

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