12th report, Tavares, FL, Antique and Classic Boat Show, Mount Dora, Lake Dora, Gar Wood, Chris Craft, and Nap Lisee

Gar Wood is known in classic boating as the man who won five straight years if powerboat Gold cup races. Garfield Wood was the first man to break 100 MPH in a boat. He was also the owner of Chris Craft boats for at least five years. He invented the famous “Baby Gar” line of boats with his designer, Nap Lisee. With Howard Lyon, he put boats on Broadway in New York City.

Gar made his money from his inventions, patents, and non-boat building businesses. He spent it on boats. His Miss America series of race boats cost him a fortune. His two boat building plants (the original Algonac Chris Craft plant and a bigger one that he scratch-built in Marysville, MI.) He financed his son in a start-up fiberglass boat building business after W. W. II.

classic wood boat gar wood mahogany planked boat photo image

note the opening windshield on this classic Gar Wood Cabin Cruiser

Seabuddy shows in these two photos one of Gar Wood and Nap Lisee’s more popular designs. This is not a race boat. She is a family boat. A pre-war Gar Wood 20.5 foot long Streamline Cabin Utility. This 1940 classic wood boat is richly restored. She is powered by a Gray Fireball inboard engine of 160 horsepower. She has a straight shaft, center located engine drive system. This is a classic wood boat. She is a mahogany planked cabin cruiser that is bright finished. This style was a best seller for Gar Wood brand boats since they invented it in 1936.

Gar Wood was born in 1880 and died in Miami in 1971. His last invention that made Popular Mechanics magazine was an electric car and that car write-up was published in 1967. He never stopped inventing.

classic wooden cabin cruiser gar wood restored inboard boat photo image

restored 20.5 foot Gar Wood 1940 cabin cruiser

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