Wood Race Boat TV Movie Coming

Shh! A first class movie made for TV is coming. A 200 MPH race boat has been restored (I heard the engine run), the story is now documented, and the drama of the top Canadian Boat Racing Team is getting ready to be shown to you and other fellow Classic Boaters. This is an Antique and Classic Boat Society race boat story.

harold and lorna race movie  Miss Canada IV boat photo image

restored Gold Cup race boat Miss Canada IV

The 200 mph wood racer is from the late 1940s to early 1950s era, when hydros were king. The 33’ wood Greavette Boats Ltd hydroplane Miss Canada IV set records as she beat Miss America X’s speed record, set a North American straight-a-way record, ran in other races, and competed in the Harmsworth Trophy Race. Besides a story about an antique and classic boat society correct boat, this television documentary is a story of the racers that were in the cockpit. Harold and Lorna Wilson went from sweethearts, to man and wife, parents, all the while being a race boat driver (Harold) and a race boat riding mechanic (Lorna). They set records on the race course for some 15 years and had a wonderful life while doing it. They both came to the White House to receive the Presidents Cup from President Franklin D. Roosevelt. He and other political leaders then asked them to represent boat racing across Europe. WW II got in the way of that. While Miss Canada IV was a 33’ racer, Miss Canada III was 25’ by 7’, and Miss Canada II was a 26’ by 71/2’ race boat. II was designed by John L. Hacker. I understand that III and IV were designed by Douglas Van Patten. Some of the members of the Van Patten family are readers of seabuddy. By the way, much of this boat sizing was demanded by the rules limiting engine size. The earlier boats used engines in the 650 to 700 plus cubic inch size. Miss Canada IV was designed for and used a 2,239 cubic inch two staged supercharged engine. Yup, Unlimited again meant BIG! Keep up with the movie, the story, and its future showings here…  www.haroldandlornamovie.com

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