Miami Marine Stadium for boaters

orange bowl regatta miami marine stadium race boat image

proposal for cleaned up Miaim Marine Stadium

The home of some great classic boat racing is trying to gather together the folks and energy to re-open. The Miami Marine Stadium was home to the Orange Bowl International Power Boat Regatta plus events like the Orange Bowl Invitational “250” Speed Classic. The facility has been closed for years but now there is a strong group of racers, community leaders,  and passionate local people that are slowly working towards getting Boat Racing going in the Miami Marine Stadium again. In the past, the “250” Speed Classic utilized a combination of both closed course competition and of endurance racing.  It was a 100 lap race on a 21/2 mile circle course inside the protection of the Miami Marine Stadium and right in front of a wonderful covered grandstand with sight lines that were wonderful to see all the boat racing action. Besides money and trophies for the winning boats, there was prize money for each individual lap. This “lap prize money” feature for each lap kept the throttles down and the racing pace up and allowed for several strategies for racers to run to maximize their race winnings.

Click here…  to see the latest steps of the effort to re-open the Miami Marine Stadium.

Here is a short list of some drivers and race boat owners that raced at the Miami Marine Stadium; Curt Brayer, Rudy Ramos, Peter Rothschild, Mike Gordon, Bob Nordskog, Howard Brown, Gordon Cooper, Lou Brummett, and Troy Ruttman.

Here are some raceboat classes; E and F Service Runabouts, 7 Litre Hydroplanes, 280 cubic inch, 266 cubic inch, 225 cubic inch, 150 cubic inch hydros and so on.

And now some racing boat names; Miss Crosly Crew, Pepe Le Pew, Tootsie, Lil Apache, Miss Crazy Thing, Long Gone, Hot Toddy II, Miss Chrysler Queen, and Dancing Bear.

The boat brands that raced at the Miami Marine Stadium are memorable, too; Howard, Stevens, Mandella, Rayson Craft, Glastron, Donzi, Patterson, Curtis Craft, Hallett, and Aqua Craft, to name a few.

boat racing miaim marine stadium rendering

another view of the proposed cleaned up Miami Marine Stadium


to-be-built Marine Center

Above is a rendering of a proposed Marine Stadium Maritime Center located just next to the stadium.

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