Trailer fun with a Leaky Wooden Boat

She was leaking. It was bad enough that folks would comment to the owner and he began to hate to leave town with the boat in its slip for more than two days. The Classic Chris Craft needed to come out.

She is a mid-50s era small mahogany planked under 30’ Chris Craft cabin cruiser. This one is powered by a single 283 Chris Craft Chevy small block. A “user boat” that was quick and easy to jump aboard for an after-work-cruise or some sunset time with my honey.

Borrowed a trailer, borrowed a bigger truck that would pull her out, full of water, or not. Borrowed the club’s “crash” pump and rigged it with an added hose from the pump (in the bilge down under the cabin floorboards) to over the transom. A distance of some 15’ as well as a lift of 6’ from the bilge water level to over the side. Good thing the club has the one.

Similar to the other Evacuator pumps, the EV8000 benefits from the same innovative power connection which allows for direct operation from your boat’s or car 12 volt battery, via two heavy duty battery clips.

This pump is rated with a big 8000 gallons per hour flow rate. Why so high? Easy, the water is in the bilge, at the bottom of the boat. It must climb up the cockpit and over the gunnel of the boat. Pumping water “uphill” eats how fast the pump will dry out the bilge.

This is an electric, 12 volt boat or car battery powered pump. Connect it to your battery with the provided alligator clips. It is not a gas powered pump. See it here…

We ran a strap all the way around the boat as the borrowed trailer did not have a bow stop. Also, such a strap spreads the load of a wood boat over a far bigger area than a bow eye would. Neat idea.

Got the boat onto the trailer, out of the water, but the poor fitting trailer seems to have sprung a plank where it allowed too much weight in too small of an area. We did see where water was coming out. Our leak, maybe? This is a double planked classic boat, so a leak can travel Changed tow cars and she went to her home driveway.


large bilge pump  box  packing shipping carton



large HD bilge pump marine home water pump lift

Pump set up in another boat


chris craft cabin cruiser leaving slip

Chris Craft cabin cruiser leaving its slip


tow pick-up ramp chris craft cabin cruiser wooden classic boat photo

the bigger pick-up for towing a leaking boat up the ramp


wooden boat strapped to trailer tow boat us

wooden Chris Craft strapped full lenght to trailer


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