New Trailers for classic wood Boats

With the growing popularity of wooden boat runabouts among vintage boating and car enthusiasts, Antique Boat Center now offers custom-designed vintage boat trailers for easy launch and retrieval; with features that are ideal for frequent travelers to classic boat shows, as well as the evening sunset cruiser.

The beautiful chrome cutwater, mahogany hull, and often oak frames of vintage boats need more than a budget roller bunk and a polyurethane V-bow stop with a winch hooking to an eye bolt in the stem. For added support and protection, Antique Boat Center’s classic boat trailers start with a C-channel or box frame structure. “I” beam aluminum, sized correctly, provides effective support with reduced weight. A trailer used in brackish or salt water must be galvanized or a combination of aluminum and galvanized cross braces with stainless steel bolts and hardware. Galvanized and aluminum can be painted to match the bottom color of your woodie or interior for a concourse show look. Flush systems can be added if use in salt is a possibility. Select wheels and colors are available to match custom tow vehicles to top off a show-quality antique wooden boat with a classic car or truck.

Jeremy Bragg, chief mechanical technician at the Antique Boat Center, orders all custom trailers with four bunks to give maximum support to the hull. These antique boat trailers also include a drop propeller cage to protect bronze propellers from damage, cresting curbs, or launch ramp challenges.

An adjustable goal post style bow stop, which the rub rail of the deck rests against, supports forward movement of the boat, while allowing movement for cover installation or “slip back” of the classic boat when retrieving from the water. Adjustable load guides help keep the boat centered while loading and are able to be stored on the trailer when not being used.

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