Nation-Wide Name brand Boat Trailers

EZ Loader is the best known trailer maker in North America. Their sales and support system is outstanding. That is why they are number one.

If you think that a trailer, any trailer, will never need parts when you get one years from now…think again. Always check out and get comfortable with the parts supply and availability when you are pricing a trailer.

Here are links and commentary on roller trailers. Roller trailers load and un-load almost anywhere. They are far more flexible about ramp and launch conditions than a bunk trailer. EZ Loader makes both kinds, so ask your dealer what folks use for your area and the other areas you might like to trailer your boat to. Remember, a trailer boat is not limited to one lake. The near and far distance locations that your trailer is able to take your boat and family to enjoy is amazing.

How many rollers do you need? The more the better for your boat but more rollers cost more money. I try to hand twist each roller to decide if a given boat could use more. Others try for 150 lbs of boat and gear weight per roller. That is about 24 rollers for a 19’ inboard / outboard powered boat. Pick your own standard. It is your boat and your money.


They are on display at the Miami Boat Show at booth V86 in the convention center. That’s a booth that is seen in the two aisles on the south side wall of the building.

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