Antique and Classic Boat Show or Race Boat Regatta Custom Trailer

Seabuddy has never seen one quite like this. It is an open trailer and then when necessary, a fully enclosed boat trailer. The enclosure is made up of square tubing framed canvas. The tube frame work and the canvas is easy to take off. Without the cover in place, one has a regular custom grade boat trailer. With the cover in place, this trailer is theft proof and weather proof.

boat trailer antique classic race regatta canvas tube framed

Trailer with canvas in place

The square tubing framework slips into place and then the canvas cover is set up on that frame work by pulling it tight over the metal frame. BTW, the canvas is cut and sewn to fit the rectangular trailer shape, not the boat shape. There is walking around room (working area) next to the boat with the full enclosure up.  The cover is set low so special over-head clearance is allowed for.

Launching the boat is possible the canvas cover and metal frame in place or taken down; either way, the boat goes into and out of the water easily. Displaying the boat is best done with the cover and tube frame work stored away from and off the trailer.

Folks that own a race boat would love this trailer set-up as well as antique and classic boat owners do, which is where seabuddy spotted this example. It was at Tavares, FL, on Lake Dora, near the town of Mount Dora that seabuddy took these photos.

It is a good idea that needs to be shared, IMO.

boat railer race antique classic enclosed travel photo image

detail of slots for square tubing near fender

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