Who is seabuddy?  A 61-year old guy named Chris Brown who’s passionate about boating. I became a boater at the age of 7 and have been in the marine trade for about 30 years and personally owned 55 boats so far, large and small, a few sail, but mostly power.

What is seabuddyonboats.com ? A blog on boats: runabouts, fiberglass boats, aluminum boats, bass boats, water ski boats, wakeboard boats, wood boats, boat trailers, trailer hitches, trailer parts, boat shows, boating events, boat gear, boat dealers, outboards, outboard parts, and inboard/outboards (I/Os).

I hope you’ll find this site both educational and informative.  It’s intended to provide fresh content for boaters in just a 5-minute read—a place where you can learn more about the aspects of boating that interest you. And if it occasionally enlightens readers about boating aspects or product features or industry trends that aren’t well understood, that’s even better.

Check in twice per day for 3 to 5 minutes each time and click on the related hot links for the full experience. The links are really an essential part of the experience. I crop photos to highlight elements covered in the copy and then give you a link for more info. With my photos, commentary, and the links I hope you’ll find it informative.

Please, add comments to my posts or submit your questions at seabuddy@seabuddyonboats.com. I can’t guarantee that everything submitted will be posted, and I reserve the right to control what what’s published in terms of language and rants. (Keep it clean and please, no rants.)

I have over 30,000 web posts as seabuddy prior to launching this site. I am also a published author, a former multi-store and multi-brand boat dealer, the former editor of a small monthly print magazine on regional boating. From selling boats to building boats in my backyard to testing boats, boating is my passion and my history. I have boated on oceans, major rivers and most of the larger inland lakes.

Highlights of my experience as a boater and in the marine trades:

  • Boated on four of the five Great Lakes
  • Transited well over 200 locks on the inland waterways
  • Boated on the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans, and many US lakes plus a few in Europe, as well as the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean Sea
  • Repeatedly cruised the route between the Northeast and Miami
  • Drove a bow rider roundtrip between Miami and Bimini
  • Boated many of the canal systems of the US and Canada
  • Past Commander of a 110-boat parade
  • USA representative in Mexico for the Newport/Ensenada Boat Race
  • Past sponsor for the New York Boat Show
  • Multi-year board member of a group that hosts a half dozen boat shows each year
  • Past-president of the Marine Division of one of the larger U.S. Chambers of Commerce
  • Past member of  yacht clubs
  • Buyer and Merchandiser of boats and marine products
  • Marine Trades Consultant
  • Owner of multiple retail boat stores
  • Editor of a monthly boating publication
  • Author of  a best-selling cruising guide
  • Founder of multiple boating websites
  • Co-chair of fundraisers for boating-oriented charities & special interest groups